Kodi 4K Hard Drives Renamed

Vero 4K user here. I have 2 powered usb drives attached to my Vero 4K - they are named TVSeries and Movies. I have recently encountered a problem whereby the Vero could not locate any of my media files. I eventually got back my media library by re-scanning all the files into my library but this took ages and I had to re-do all my ‘sets’. Not a job I want to do regularly !

I then discovered that the Vero had actually renamed my sources as TVSeries_ and Movies_. I am always paranoid about removing drives safely so couldn’t understand how this had happened, and then I remembered that recently my Vero had frozen and the only way to get it back was by unplugging the Vero from power. Maybe when powering it back up it thought the attached USB drives had not been dismounted correctly and then remounted them with a different name ? Anyway to cut a long story short, my library is back up and running but I would appreciate any advice to prevent me running into this problem again. (p.s still on Kodi 18 here)

You could unplug the drives (to avoid data loss) and make sure there aren’t any empty directories under /media.