Kodi 4k Settings?

I am new to 4k and the Vero 4k+ I just got this week. Very familiar with Kodi though. Any particular settings I need to change in Kodi to utilize my new 4k TV and receiver with the Vero to its full extent?

My TV is a brand new Vizio E series, so full HDR and Dolby Vision support. I changed the resolution in Kodi but not much else.

Thanks guys!

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Only one, read on.

The resolution should be 1080p and Settings->Player->Adjust refresh rate should be set to On Start/Stop.

Ok. So not the 4k resolution setting (3840 x 2160)?? Pardon my ignorance, but why just the 1080p setting?

That resolution setting only applies to the GUI and your TV will do a much better job upscaling the GUI than Kodi can. Adjust refresh rate set to on will ensure that any 4k media will be played at the correct resolution.

First, 4K GUI slows it down a lot.

Second, most skins and artwork are designed for 1080p, and so have to be up-scaled to display on a 4K GUI. Kodi 17 did this very poorly, although Kodi 18 is supposed to be better. Some artwork (like posters and backdrops/fanart) can be found in UHD resolution, but if you change the Kodi settings to cache at full resolution, this takes up a lot more disk space.


Makes sense! Thanks folks! I will make the changes today.