Kodi add-ons - unwanted, no memory of installation, and unremovable - youtube-dl, and dependency codequick


I was just looking for any YouTube updates, and discovered I had a program addon named youtube-dl, apparently designed to copy streams to disk. I have no desire for this, and no recollection of installing it.

I can neither disable nor uninstall youtube-dl as it says it has a dependency on codequick. This name rings a bell, but i don’t see it listed in any repositories.

As I recall, my memory of the name codequick dates to last year when I was seeking ways to add a simple menu item to kodi to run a bash script.

It’s also not part of the zip based repos I’ve installed for specific functionality:

  • CastagnaIT (netflix)
  • Sandman79 (Amazon, Amazon Vod) (repo installed but no addons from it are installed)
  • Zomboided (vpn manager for openvpn)

I have veracrypt installed, however this is at the o/s level - kodi has no awareness of it.

My installation dates back to April 2018; I’ve made 4 official osmc updates since then, the latest being from December 2018 (kodi 17) to May’s Kodi 18 release.

Any pointers welcomed.