Kodi addons repository not up to date

Has addon id=“plugin.video.retrospect” version=“5.7.5” name=“Retrospect”

Has addon id=“plugin.video.retrospect” version=“5.7.6” name=“Retrospect”

This addon was broken 4 days ago, the author updated it 3 days ago. That is really quick, but unfortunately it is still not working on my Vero.

Is there a way to use the kodi repository for this addon?

I will check this out. Looks good here on OSMC servers.

Not seeing an issue here our side: Mirrorlist /osmc/download/kodi/addons/nexus/addons.xml

Some mirrors obviously take longer to sync but we redirect you to the nearest synchronised one. Is there a specific reason you chose Dotsrc?



I do not choose Dotsrc. As you say, I get redirected to this one when I go to:

All the other mirrors have 5.7.6, only Dotsrc still has 5.7.5.

Is there a way that I can choose a mirror?

You will not be directed to an outdated mirror. So there is nothing to do on your side.

It will redirect you to an up to date one. Please post a log if you still experience issues


I can see that the DotSrc mirror is actually synced now, so you should definitely not have any issues


Now I get redirected to:
This one has the new addon version.

I also again checked:
This one also has been updated.

I understand that it is the intention to redirect to updated mirrors. But for 3 days I tried to see if the update was available and it was not. So something must be going wrong here.

If a new addon is released on kodi, how long does it take before it is published on osmc in the addons.xml?

One hour.

From what I can see the add on was pushed only yesterday evening.

One hour would be pretty neat.

This following page says the 5.7.6 addon version was published on February the 14th.

This also corresponds with the information I got from the author Bas Rieter on the project github page regarding this issue:

The osmc mirrorlist says the last update was on February the 15th 18:18:00 UTC.

At least the dotsrc mirror was updated somewhere between the creation of this topic on February the 17th 20:59 UTC and February the 18th 9:14 UTC.

Where do you see that the addon was published yesterday evening?

The Kodi mirror that we sync from only had it published last evening

Okay, so the problem is a slow mirroring on the kodi side. Which kodi mirror do we use as a source for the osmc addon xml?

The official one - only a few people can access it directly (it is firewalled and our IP is whitelisted).

Than there is not much that we can do to speed this up. Of course I can always pull the addon directly from git if I need to have the updated version.

Thank you for your help.