Kodi background process

Hello. Is there any way to reduce kodi background process CPU usage? Would be nice to have it stoped while HDMI isn’t plugged in. What would be the “politest” way to kill him? Would a killall broke it?

Im almost sure I saw a thread a few weeks back about a script that shut down kodi when no HDMI signal was detected, will see if I can find the thread again.

Found it:

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If you want to stop kodi politely use:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter

Detecting when HDMI is not connected I’m not sure about though…

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Thank you anyway, it worked for me with initctl. Is systemctl something new of another version?

Thanks, that looks great! I’ll try it this weekend

I tried the script a few weeks back and at least on my Sony TV the output of tvservice did not change when the tv was in standby so it only shut down kodi when the HDMI cable was unplugged.

are you running Raspbmc or OSMC??

I’m running raspbmc, but the official page, redirects the forum header to here. I haven’t worked on the raspberry for years and then I only knew raspbmc, i’ll take a look on osmc (The screenshots look fabolous)

http://forum.osmc.tv/ The subforum for Raspbmc is there at the old forums. Only selecting OSMC subforum there will redirect here.

In the meantime enjoy!