Kodi.bin cpu usage when not in use

Not having any particular issue, but noticed that kodi.bin is using a constant higher amount of CPU on one core, even when not active. i.e. I’m not using the Vero 4K+ input.

State of the Vero 4K+

  • Latest version
  • PlexKodiConnect
  • Customise Menus to hide some of the top level options
  • Logged in as a second profile

Is this normal?

Update, so I checked and it was sitting in a show menu with episodes. I backed out the menu to the main menu and it dropped to 10-20% CPU.

Redrawing the GUI especially when there are changes on the current screen can use quite some CPU.
Also make sure you have the GUI set not to 4k.

Seems wasteful (cpu/energy wise) to have it redrawing constantly when not in use. I wonder if maybe an option could be added if it’s sitting at the same (non home) screen for X time, back it out to the home menu, or suspend updates till a user input occurs?

e.g. options something like this:

Return to home screen after (5|10|30|60) minutes of no user input.
Suspend display updates after (5|10|30|60) minutes of no user input. Any user input will resume display updates.

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Talk to the Kodi devs about that.

But I bet that the $$ used is minuscule. And while it’s idle who cares about CPU usage?