Kodi.bin memory usage


Been having an issue on one of my RPi 3 B+ that are running osmc. This MediaCenter seems to eventually slow to a crawl with Kodi.bin using 85%+ of memory. The problem is localized to only one of the pi mediacenters in my house (have 5). I do not use any sketchy addons on this (only Trakt, Library Auto Update, iirc). Database is a remote SQL database on my media server.

I have not been able to trace this memory usage to a specific set of actions on my part, but when it happens I normally need to unplug/replug my pi to get it to restart and come back to life.

Any suggestions for what might be causing this?

Logs https://paste.osmc.tv/owegojuhiy.

There are a number of issues in your logs, seemingly with the SD card.
I’d recommend taking a full backup now and trying another SD card as the first step


got it. Will give this a go over the next few days. Thanks!

Yep, SD card was shot. Computer will not even read it & heats up incredibly. Just going to grab a new one and start from scratch.

Thanks Sam

Assuming the SD card would still be readable after formatting it: would a reinstall of the OSMC image make the system fast again, or is a older SD card with some bad blocks slow per-se?

There is never a good reason to try to use an SD card that has started failing in any way.