Kodi calibration not 'sticking'

Been using my 4K+ for quite a while with no issues, but have now but a new LG C9 tv and have hit a snag. I’ve seen lots of threads that touch on it, but a lot end with someone saying ‘not to worry, I found the problem thanks’ with no details of actual resolution. So…

I can calibrate in Kodi (i.e. adjust top left/bottom right arrows) and can see that this is updating guisettings.xml for the relevant resolution (‘1920x1080 @ 60.00 Full screen’)

All will be fine for a while, but after turning tv off and back or, changing source (often, but not always!) the calibration will be ignored. I say ‘ignored’ because I’ve checked and guisettings.xml has not lost the calibrated values.

I assumed this was resolution switiching affect (i.e. I was playing something on a different res) but when I go to recalibrate, it always states it is calibrating for the ‘1920x1080 @ 60.00 Full screen’ resolution. The problem also occurs with the GUI interface.

Firstly – you should set your TV to Just Scan. This will avoid the need for calibration.

If you adjust the calibration however, you need to do this for every resolution – not just 1080p60.


Thanks for the reply…

After setting ‘Just Scan’, do I have to do any ‘rebooty’ type stuff? If not, it doesn’t seem to have done anything.

I have just set ‘Just scan’ to on. Selected HDMI 2 (separate PITA having to do this every time - I only use HDMI 2 as everything goes thru my Denon receiver!). As per my problem, my Kodi GUI had reverted to being too large for the screen.

I started a video - same problem. When I hit ‘calibrate’ I get the same old ‘1920x1080 @ 60.00 Full screen’ ) with all values set to 0,0 (which is not what is set in guisettings.xml). I have had to calibrate again.

It’s the latter that is confusing me - you say I need to calibrate for all resolutions, but the calibration screen only ever mentions one res, and it ignores what is already set

If you set the TV to Just Scan you won’t need to do any calibration. This is the better option.

I have same problem here, same problem has been occuring for me very, very, very, long time. I have calibrated my screen like 100+ times. Calibration does not stick very long time. I have some LG 65" LED-TV, they is no scan option etc. AV goes thru my Denon AV-receiver.

What should i do? Buy new TV/Receiver?-) well, thats not an option, should i discard my Vero and buy some other Media player instead?

Which LG TV is that? While generally the option on LG is called Just Scan it might be different on yours.

sorry… my long winded reply was basically;

   'I have set 'Just Scan' on, but it doesn't seem to have worked'

BUT… that’s because a certain idiot set it to ‘Auto’ instead of ‘On’.

It’s working!! Thanks so much Sam

When you use Kodi’s calibrate it only does it for the current resolution and frame rate. To “fix” the issue with that method you would have to do it for every combination and this is really not ideal, and why you were probably thinking that it wasn’t always working. Enabling “just scan” will disable overscan and get rid of the problem, but you may have a new issue in that your old calibration you did will still be resizing your video. To fix this you would have it either calibrate again for all the modes you previously adjusted or else you would have to SSH in, stop Kodi, then either edit, or just delete guisettings.xml (which will also reset most of Kodi’s settings).

My LG language is set to Finnish. Lets just say that how LG is translated ”just Scan” was not obvious but i managed to find this option and it might be helped my problem, thx.

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