Kodi Commands

i was trying to customise the home menu, i saw we customiza some actions use kodi commands, anyone could tell me what is the difference between Shutdown vs Power off system command and Reboot vs Restart

I tried the command and they seem to do the same for reboot/restart and shutdown/power off system


They’re the same

cool, thanka


Actually they’re not quite the same :wink:

Shutdown - this will trigger the default shutdown action as defined in System Settings
Powerdown - this will always shutdown the system
Reboot - This will reboot the system
Restart - This will (attempt to) restart just Kodi, not the whole system

thanks so i should use shutdown and reboot? instead of power off system and restart

Depends what you want to do. @BobCratchett’s post above details what they do, use the most appropriate for your goal.

just want to shutdown the vero device, just like the power menu that has the power off function and restart option

Want to customise a quick way to do it but then i saw the kodi commands shutdown and power off system