KODI crashes on loading EPG file every 2 hours

I am running KODI on a Raspberri Pi 2 / OSMC.

Every 2 hours KODI shows a blue sad face and reloads itself. OSMC itself is not rebooted (i check uptime output).

I found in logs some clues leading to something about EPG updating and tried to turn off EPG updating completely - that helped, KODI worked for a week without restarting.

I also tried to download that remote EPG file and put it locally - it did not help. It still crashes when tries to import it automatically.

Strange thing is that the very same EPG file loads perfectly on KODI startup.

The debuglog can be found here:

Kodi version 18.7
OSMC build 2020-06-03

How much EPG data are you trying to load?

The device is probably running out of memory.

The file is 12Mb gzipped and about 134Mb unarchived.

Are there any workarounds available?

Decrease the amount of EPG data by decreasing the number of days it’s trying to download.

or lessen the number of channels covered by EPG data

I download that file from the external url, there is not much I can do with it. :frowning:

But another point I cannot understand is:

why the same file gets imported like a charm on KODI startup?

Because it takes some time for EPG data to download and propagate. It does not download all the EPG data at once.

But what is the difference with the case when KODI loads the same file automatically later? :slight_smile:

Kodi backfills the EPG data slowly; it doesn’t grab it all at once.
Reduce the number of EPG days or your channel list.

there is also bug in KODI local database, i dont know if it was solved.
You can try check/enable “Don’t cache in local database” It solves crashes for me.

I have this option enabled for a long time, unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem. :frowning: