Kodi crashes while idle after update

I’m using an RPI3 with OSMC. I installed the recent major Kodi update, and since then, Kodi crashes regularly when the system is idle. I’ve updated add-ons (and don’t use very many, anyway), and started a fresh user file, but the issue persists.

This always happens when I’m not using the system, often overnight. It’s a “sad face” situation.

Here are my logs:

Reset overclock to normal in MyOSMC, reboot and test.

Thanks. Done. Reproducing the problem seems to involve leaving the system idle for a decent span of time, so it may be a while before I report back.

I had to do a rollback to July update (I had a backup of the SD) because I had crashes too. Since rollback all ok again (of course, remaining in July update).

These days I saw a out of memory message -killing Kodi in dmesg, but Kodi crashed or freezed every day since the updated (and normally in the first usage of the day, after was all night idle… Or no do idle, because this update incremented the CPU usage in main screen - tv shows section from 20 to 45%)