Kodi crashes with Rii i25A audio

Debug log: http://xbmclogs.com/px9oqjw88
I use Kodi 17, Pi2. Rii i25A is mono audio device (ALSA Device 2 in the log) and detects with “m_channels: UNKNOWN1”. When I play any video, KODI crashes with last messages in the log:
ERROR: ffmpeg[741FF3F0]: [SWR] Rematrix is needed between 5.1(side) and 0 channels but there is not enough information to do it
09:48:35 869.198547 T:1948251120 ERROR: CActiveAEResampleFFMPEG::Init - init resampler failed
How can I solve this problem? Not only KODI crash, but audio playback.

I suspect that Kodi just doesn’t support a mono ALSA device.
Can you use this device with kodi on windows or linux?

Yes. It works on Windows. But there are different drivers, of course. Not ALSA. Both drivers works fine. Second of them is mono. I think that problem in UNKNOWN1 channel and ffmpeg dosesn’t know how to output sound to unknown type of channel. But how can I fix it or set the right type of channel by myself?

Device 1
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_displayNameExtra: DIRECTSOUND: Динамики (2- Multimedia Air Mouse Keyboard)
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_channels : FL,FR
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_sampleRates : 16000
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_dataFormats : AE_FMT_FLOAT
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_streamTypes : No passthrough capabilities
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: Enumerated WASAPI devices:
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: Device 1
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_displayNameExtra: WASAPI: Динамики (2- Multimedia Air Mouse Keyboard)
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_deviceType : AE_DEVTYPE_PCM
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_channels : FC
03:42:11 T:18124 NOTICE: m_sampleRates :

Linux Mint sees Rii as PulseAudio device and switches audiocards externally. And yes, it works. m_channels : FL, FR in kodi.log

I suspect it may be possible to install pulseaudio on osmc and use that as the audio output device. pulseaudio is a layer that sits between the application and audio device, doing things like resampling, mixing and format conversion so it may well mask the issue.

Pulseaudio broke whole audio output with strings in kodi.log like these:
09:14:22 9143.164062 T:1167119344 NOTICE: Creating audio stream (codec id: 86019, channels: 6, sample rate: 48000, no pass-through)
09:14:25 9146.772461 T:1878496240 ERROR: ActiveAE::InitSink - failed to init
09:14:25 9146.772461 T:1878496240 WARNING: CActiveAE::StateMachine - signal: 3 from port: OutputDataPort not handled for state: 1
09:14:28 9149.273438 T:1878496240 ERROR: ActiveAE::FlushEngine - failed to flush
09:14:32 9153.165039 T:1167119344 ERROR: ActiveAE::MakeStream - could not create stream
It was not depend of the chosen device. Log strings was taken with Pi: HDMI and Audio.
Pulseaudio doesn’t detect any sink on my audio but detects source (mic).

Hi! Have you found a solution for this problem? I’m using a rii i28 and I have the same issue with audio. Using pulseaudio doesn’t work either.

No. I suspect will buy the longer wire for my phones and will have stereo and 48000Hz from RP audio output. :slight_smile:
I think that osmc doesn’t handle mono devices and this is a bug.