Kodi crashing after updating to Dec release

Performed upgrade via command line on a Vero4k.
I can see from logs Kodi has been updated to 17.6 but Debian still seems on 8.10. Everytime I try an play a video or stream I get a sad face. Full logs here:

Comment out the backports repo in sources.list and try again?

Your system seems heavily modified.

You seem to have a full desktop environment installed from a quick glance, but your APT history isn’t complete.

You can try manually updating to Stretch, but I suspect you have packages on your system that are not supported by the default installation.


I haven’t really modified anything if not tried the beta of stretch and always upgraded via command line.
I can install manually no issues, where can I find the steps.

I have the same issue, after the update I can’t play videos anymore on my Vero 4k. Screen goes black and I can see on my TV that the signal changes to the right signal (1080p/24, 4k HDR etc.) but then I get bounced back to the library view. I know exactly where to create logs and have uploaded them here http://paste.osmc.tv/nucicokase

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I reinstalled from scratch and it’s now working like a charm.

That’s one way to solve it :slight_smile:

How did you update OSMC?

It displayed a message that an update was available and I selected ok.

Thankfully I managed to solve it myself. The latest update required me turn on support for the SMB3 protocol in my NAS.

Thanks for letting us know what the issue was.