Kodi doesn't find iso files from local USB drive (NTFS) anymore

Hi All,
I have Vero4+, still old version Kodi 18.6 and 3D pack.
Since recently, iso files are not displayed in “Media” menu nor new iso can be discovered.
As a test, I have removed entry in movie library of a iso movie that was ok so far and it is not discovered back when looking for new files.
On the other hand I can see the files from the kodi file browser.
USB drive is 5To NTFS and connected directly (or same situation if connected with official osmc 4 ports usb hub).

I believe there is some functionality I have accidentally deactivated but can’t find what.
Before jumping into kernl + kodi version, I am just trying here to see if there is something obvious I should activate in kodi.

Some debug logs showing a library update may allow us to see something. I can’t think of any setting in the UI off hand that would cause this behavior.

Well, I figure out I am not in 18.6… but upgraded to 18.9… Don’t know why… well probably me by mistake -weird? Anyway, trying to downgrade to 18.6.013, but can’t find the install available (I am w kernel 4.9… and updated kernell prior to try to downgrade)

You might take another look at the first post in the 4.9 testing thread to make sure you are still using the correct sources.list entry for the current build.

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Hi DD,
Thanks for the guidance, In fact I did but I got confused with the mix of kernel and kodi versions.
I just gave it a try with fresh installation as adviced + upgrade to kernel 4.9 (w source list buster etc) and upgraded to latest kodi…and to my surprise all is working now?? That is cool but I’m not sure I’ve learnt anything :wink:

There was an upgrade at some point on those test builds that necessitated a change to sources.list (the file that dictates where to get updates from). I assumed you may not have updated that the last time it changed. As that is still a testing build it is best to keep an eye on what is posted in that thread to keep yourself apprised of any notable updates.

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