Kodi / extendedinfo : "no youtube id can be found"


After upgrading my Vero 4K to the latest version with Kodi 18, only one thing does not work anymore: the “Script.ExtendedInfo” plugin, which relies on the Youtube-dl sub-component.
I’m using it to watch cinema movies trailers.

When I click a movie trailer displayed by the ExtendedInfo AddOn, I get a top-right error notification: “no youtube id can be found”.

I’m pretty sure that the problem is due to the AddOn’s dependencies, so not related to OSMC.
I searched the Internet and only found this page :

But I don’t understand how to apply the solution with the Vero 4K. Well, from Kodi’s user interface, how to update an AddOn from a “non-standard” version source? How to replace Youtube-dl (or Youtube-dl Core?) with the following newer version :

Sorry I guess it’s not the right place to post this problem. If so please just ignore, but I would be grateful for any help.

Ask the users HeresJohnny and Sharan123 who solved it in the thread you linked exactly how they did it.

Thanks for pluging in the right idea.

The solution was to replace the youtube-dl folder with the one they have built & shared.
That was difficult for me as I’m just an end-user of the Vero box, not used at all to the Linux world. Anyway I followed the following detailed guide described here :