Kodi freezes

I am on the latest august update and I still have problems with that when I turn on my TV in the evening I find the Kodi is frozen and totally unresponsive. This happens somtimes two days in a row. Sometime the Vero can stay on for 2 days.

This started with the Kodi 15 update, and I addressed it in this topic:

However I thought this should have it’s own topic.

I can access the Vero via SSH and I have the logs that I captured when Kodi was frozen:

Journal: http://paste.osmc.io/orahuwaqur
Kodi log: http://paste.osmc.io/azuvigilaj

Also, after I did sudo reboot, the default audio output had changed to analog audio instead of spdif which I am normally using.

Are you using CEC? If so check https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/kodi-gui-freezing-after-tv-avr-source-change-or-while-using-july-update/

I’m not using CEC. I am using a Harmony remote with cloned commands from the original Vero remote.
The freezes is occurring in times when the TV has been shut off for a while, like 04.03 in the morning and such.
So I don’t think it’s related? I has never frozen on me when actually using the Vero.
Anyway. I have deactivated CEC adapter under the Kodi settings now. So we have to see in the next days if there is any change.

I have been having this same problem. Exact same issues, no CEC. Have not tried to access through SSH. Also using a harmony remote

My problem is still occurring with all the latest updates until now. Kodi freezes every other day, mostly during the night.
It seems it’s the same problem as discussed in this thread I discovered:

Hopefully this can be addressed soon.

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I am unfortunately getting really tired of having to reboot my Vero every time I want to use it. This has been a problem for too long now. I understand that it doesn’t help to just complain about it but the Vero is a commercial product which should at least function more or less properly.

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thanks Sam, I’m having the exact same problem after the august update too…


I applied the command and I’m afraid it might have gotten worse. A short while after applying it, I got a freeze while browsing files. That have never happened before.

If it happens again. What command should I do in SSH to provide you with useful logs?

There is no need to do this now. Just upgrade via My OSMC as this fix has been pushed to release.


My Vero has frozen two times since the latest update(s). Both times when just browsing files/directories on my NAS.

The GUI is totally unresponsible but I can login via SSH.

If you want me to provide any logs, please tell me what command to execute to get the logs you want.

Me too. Vero is frozen every day I go to use it. Does not respond to any IR input. Have to power off / on.

Vero has so many problems - wish I never bought it. I realise a lot of work has gone into it but as a commercial product all I care about is it working. Don’t mean to be rude but I’ve given up now and I would have a legal right to get a full refund. I’ve wasted £140 plus hours of my time reporting faults, doing updates, reinstalling, re configuring it etc. I do not wish to be a problem customer but I am very angry. The device should not continue to be sold. I’m close to unplugging it and trying something else.

The latest fault is DTS HD and TrueHD no longer passing through to my AMP. Can only use it in decode mode to AC3.

The freezes were fixed a while ago. If this still persists, then we will need a log to find out why. Make sure you are completely up to date first.

Re. passthough: I would suggest starting a new forum thread so it is easier to track the issue. It will be quite helpful if you can remember when it stopped working.


I think I’m having the same problem as other are reporting. When I turn on my TV in the evening, I get no response from the Vero while using the Vero remote (which is the only remote I have for it). If I unplug and replug thepower to the Vero, the system then seems to respond normally after starting up. I believe this started after the last update, but I can’t be entirely sure as it seemed to be intermittent at first, occurring only every once in awhile, but lately seems to be happening almost every night. I haven’t had much time to do any trouble shooting but will try to do some more this week and post accordingly.

Don’t know it it will make any difference but I have no problems whatsoever with my Vero, it only gets restarted when an update requires it. I have screensaver set to none. Can someone with no response problems try disabling screensaver??