Kodi ftp client active mode or passive mode

I have a vero 4k + and a seedbox and I have connection problems between the two, but I noticed by performing tests on my android smartphone, when I use my ftp client in active mode i have no more connection problems, do you know how on kodi passed from passive mode to active mode

thanks you very much.

Not sure if an 11 year old thread is still applicable but this says adding ?active in the URL should work

Thanks for your help i just tried may i don’t think it worked, this is what the log kodi tells me

CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@???:21/?active%2f)
2019-12-22 00:09:53.023 T:17566 DEBUG: ParentPath = [sources://video/]
2019-12-22 00:09:53.024 T:17782 DEBUG: Thread waiting start, auto delete: false
2019-12-22 00:09:53.025 T:17782 WARNING: ParseAndCorrectUrl: ftp url option is deprecated, please switch to use protocol option (change ‘?’ to ‘|’)

thank you

Did you tried that?