Kodi hangs on Vero 4K

Unfortunately, I am only able to boot into the main gui, then my 4K is frozen. I am unable to get any response with the remote. Pulling the power cord is the only way to on/off device. I can reach the 4K via ssh, but no idea what to do from there :thinking:

I moved your post to a new topic, as it had nothing to do with the topic you replied to.

It only started when I changed to the Rapier skin, so I thought I should post there. No Worries and Thanks,

That is not a full debug log.

And it would have helped if you had said that you were using Rapier!!! But I doubt it’s the same problem as the other people reporting Rapier problems are just complaining about it being slow, not hanging.

SInce you can ssh in, you can get back to the default settings:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi.save
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Should get you running again.

Back to the osmc gui, but my remote has zero effect on my 4K.
Possibly battery, but 4K is only 14 months since ordered.
Those were the logs I got by ssh into 4K, if there are other logs via ssh, please send command. Apologies for not stating the skin, but the rapier skin was the topic

Any custom settings will need to be done again.

Have you changed the battery in those 14 months?

I change my batteries every 8 months with normal usage.

As OP knows how to use SSH he could just edit guisettings.xml to revert the skin to whatever he had before


I am fine with the standard osmc skin!
I will buy a new battery tomorrow, and report back.
Thank You as always for the quick responses!

Is the blue light coming on on the remote? Maybe you just need to re-pair it before getting a new battery.

Blue Light? I never noticed a light on the remote.
Light location & Re-pair quick link please?

  • Remove the USB from Vero 4K / Pi
  • Hold Home and OK button for 5 seconds or so, then the blue LED will keep flashing.
  • Plug in the USB receiver and the LED should flash 3 times after 5 seconds, indicating successful pairing.
  • Power off Vero 4K / Pi for 2 minutes. Turn it back on. The remote should now work.

Blue light is on the front of the remote.

@sam_nazarko @bmillham
This community is fantastic.
Once again the solution to the problem is user error, due to my failure to replace the remote batteries.
Although, the only blue light issue I have ever had was the brightness of the 4K’s β€œon” light :rofl:


Glad to hear this.

The blue LED is on the window of the remote at the front of the remote.


Funny (and annoying) that the battery failed at the same time of the update.

That always happens β€” we have to have red herrings.

A new battery fixed the no response issue!

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