Kodi ignores excluded directories from advancedsettings.xml

My music library is stored on a NAS, exclusion of directories for scanning the library has always worked in Kodi versions prior 17.0.
Now these exclusions are simply ignored completely.

This is the concerned section in my advancedsettings.xml:


And this is from the sources.xml:

       <path pathversion="1">smb://QNAP/Musik/MP3/</path>

Any help would be appreciated. Iā€™m on Kodi 17.6.

I doubt this is a valid regexp

It worked for years that way, what would be the correct way to ignore directories from scanning?
Apart from that it turned out that advancedsettings.xml is ignored completely, also this setting for example:


Use a regex tester on the Internet to verify

That could indicate a XML error (eg closing section missing

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That solved the problem, thank you very much!

Can you tell us the solution please?

He highlighted his solution.

Use a regex tester. Also check your XML (maybe use an xml tester).