Kodi interchanges x- and y-size on rotated display

I run osmc/Kodi on RP3 and try to use my new 1280 x 720 5 inch hdmi display from Seeed. The manufacturer prescribes changes to config.txt to set appropriate parameter values for the screen wich includes a display rotation through the end (display_rotate=1).
This works perfectly well for the osmc-part, but fails for Kodi. What happens is this:

The terminal screen looks fine with ssh, the tekstlines stands as they should and the osmc flash-icon is placed in the upper right corner of the display.
The osmc welcome screen is also perfect with the logo in the middle of a perfect circle and the flash-icon in the upper right corner of the display.
But when Kodi starts the Kodi screen is distorted: it is squeezed in the horizontal (x-) direction and stretched in the vertical (y-) direction. There is a black area in the right side of the screen exept that the flash-icon is still placed correctly in the upper right corner of the display - in the otherwise black area!

The vertical size of the picture measured with a ruler shows it is exacly 720/1280 = 9/16 of the screen width corresponding to 720 px, and the characters in menu text is clearly squeezed.

The horizontal height cannot be measured this way because the Kodi screen is stretched (probably with a factor 16/9). This can be seen in the characters beeing vertically stretched and only the bootmmost part of the Kodi screen can be seen. So one cannot see and access the uppermost menu items.

These problems exist in both Kodi classic skin as well as the default osmc skin.

It seems that Kodi does not use the real rotated x- and y-dimensions for the display but somehow uses the unrotated values, so that i resizes its display with reversed x- and y-values.

I cannot think of a work around this problem and should be very glad if anyone could tell me how. Or that there maybe is some kind of flaw in the way Kodi treats the screen?

Kind regards Peter

So you are trying to use Kodi in portrait (vertical) mode, is this correct? If so that is not something I think Kodi supports.

No, I want to use landscape mode. But my screen needs at display rotation (in config.txt) to make the landscape mode work on the display, and then Kodi messes it up. Kodi makes a kind of distorted portrait mode on a landscape screen.


Try it without the display_rotate line.

Without the rotate line the screen is rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise to a sort of portrait mode, but the vertical side (now the longest side of the display) is stretched, so graphics i distorted.

However all menu items is now visible and accessible, so it can be used this way. But it does not look swell :expressionless:


… I forgot to say, it is useable this way when I turn the display 90 degrees clockwise.