KODI is running slow, maybe a memory issue

Just installed latest OSMC on a RaspberryPi-1 with 8GB sd card
It’s working but running very slow
maybe it’s a memory issue? why is the free memory so small?
System->system info->hardware
Memory:: 132MB
Free Memory:52MB

any other suggestions would be great?

Do you have an old 256M pi?
if you ssh in, what does:

vcgencmd get_mem arm
vcgencmd get_mem gpu


This is very vague and really gives us no clue as to what exactly you mean here…

If you have a 256m pi, which this appears to be, then these number are normal.

Providing a better explaination of exactly what aspects are “slow” and include debug logs that include a demonstration of this slowness would be helpful here.

osmc@osmc:~$ vcgencmd get_mem arm
osmc@osmc:~$ vcgencmd get_mem gpu

Slow is when navigating through the kodi confluence menu
Slow is when opening a pulsar video, video is not showing while audio is fragmented and kodi freezes.
I can see cpu is 100%
what logs to upload? what part of it?

Just select the upload all

I think running pulsar (streaming video from bittorrent) is not realistic on a 256M Pi.
It’s just about usable on a 512M Pi (and good on a Pi 2).

thank you