Kodi Keeps Freezing Since Updating to Release Candidate 3

Hi, I’ve been having a problem with Kodi freezing since I upgraded to RC 3 yesterday. I have my addons set to update automatically and when the first one began the update process since the upgrade, I got a message that the addon (it happened to be Phoenix) isn’t supported in OSMC.

After reading some of the posts in this forum as well as other places online, I see that many addons are affected.

Is it possible to get a list of the addons (at least the most popular ones) that are incompatible with OSMC RC3?



These addons aren’t incompatible on a technical level. They’re incompatible in that they’re pirate addons. And the warning says use them at your own risk and don’t mention them on the forum…

I’ve removed this dialog for now. It’s targeting too many addons at the moment.

Your freezing is almost definitely unrelated, please upload some logs.