Kodi: Kids Filter

Im a kodi newbie and just picked up a Vero 4K today and looking to setup Kodi later today.

I currently have all my videos stored in a single location and would like to create a separate section for the kids to view their own videos.
I know theres a few ways of filtering content but ideally im looking for the simplest method that suits my needs.

If possible, id like a custom home button at the very beginning (that defaults to ‘Kids’) which then directly opens up to display a the kids rated movies.
Ive found a out how to create the custom menu here but im still unsure how to best filter the videos.

Ive thought about Playlists, but wasnt sure if I could link the home button easily/directly to a playlist? I dont want the kids to enter their section and then have to drill down through several menus to get to their content.

Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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The route we have taken is to load all our videos onto a Synology NAS but most NAS devices will do. Then I’ve downloaded the free Emby server app onto the NAS and let the software sort through the videos for age suitability. I’ve also manually edited a few films metadata to make sure it’s correct. You can then set multiple profiles in emby server to point the profile to the appropriate and / or the approprIate age related folder and content.

Then on osmc it’s a case of setting up profiles for startup. Within each profile is the emby addon with the login details for the emby server profile.

The emby server part is the time consuming part making sure the videos are correctly indexed. Thereafter it’s easy to set up any number of osmc boxes and link them to the same server emby library and profiles.

Hope that’s of some help