Kodi Krypton CEC no longer working

Just installed 5th February update on my pi 3, and for the first time cec no longer works. Tried rebooting and everything, but does not work.

Same problem after update. But this is not Kodi 17 update. Still 16.1 in system properties

Did you follow the Krypton updating advice?

Try checking for updates again.

Then check for updates again and it should work fine.
Some people were checking for updates constantly (every few seconds) which meant they may have only received a partial update.

I did not search. I pop up prompted me to update

Update again, and it will work fine.

In future, follow the advice in the forum. You are asked to search before you make your first post, and it helps reduce duplicate answers and helps us spend our time helping other users which have unsolved problems.

I meant I did on search on the raspberry pi after a new update manually. I was about to watch something, and osmc prompted me to update the system, which then broke cec.

Also the post you linked does not fit this problem. The update caused the problem. Not general CEC issues.

The solution is to check for updates again

Okay. I only have my TV remote to control the pi. So I’m running

apt-get update


apt-get dist-upgrade

After that run reboot

Yep, problem fixed