Kodi Krypton for OSMC is now available

I can see some bugs already. I cannot see any submenus. usually there was the main point, with the sub points on the right side. now there is nothing, just the main point, which seems to just open something, but the submenu points are never shown…

Start a new post with logs and screenshots demonstrating the problem and we can look in to it

The old skin had a fair few bugs too. This skin is improved and gives us a good foundation for the future

Any word or workaround to getting AirPlay mirroring work on iOS 10 devices?

Kodi does not support mirroring at all and never has. Not an OSMC issue.


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Apple have repeatedly moved the goal posts with iOS and AirPlay. I don’t believe there are any efforts underway at this time to add support for AirPlay mirroring or fix the current AirPlay implementation.

But then again, it also stated in every test thread that the test versions were only meant for those willing to deal with problems and that testers know how to work with linux. Can’t have it both way’s, asking only for knowledgeable people test and take serious, and then get surprised the skin is not a big hit. Most people proficient with the cli really don’t care about or notice the skin.
But you are right about choice, the default kodi skin is ok for now! But i really do miss the clean look of osmc, which for me was the biggest part for choosing osmc.

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Speak for yourself there buddy… That’s quite a generalization you are making. If that’s the case, why would anyone proficient in CLI use Kodi at all?

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The response to the new skin is generally positive. There is a smaller number of people that do not like it compared to the previous version of the skin.

Skin testing was made available to all users. We also provided clear screenshots and insight in to the direction of the skin, so anyone could weigh in without needing to actually test it infront of them.

If you have some constructive suggestions please start a new post outlining them. We want to bring the best possible experience to our users, so we value your feedback. Please keep in mind that a lot of users didn’t like the older OSMC skin, but there seem to be more users that prefer this new skin. We can’t please everyone, but there are a lot of skins out there so you should be able to find something that fits your needs at the very least.


Because it can be nice to use. But yes, that was a really big generalization. If i offended you, you have my apologies. But that reaction was rather uncalled for too imho? User gives his opinion and a dev respond with a smart remark.
Instead of a nice message like you did here.

And if the skin is a succes, that’s great, but it would be nice to be able to give an opinion without a response like that.

That’s all i wanted to point out really, and yes i was a jerk about it. Sorry.

CrystalHD should be enabled on AppleTV.
Remember that the AppleTV is ten years old now, so change to a less demanding skin and limit the number of addons you use

Great compliment to the osmc-team. Krypton works great on an old atv1 :slight_smile:
Stayed on confluence skin because it kept all skin-settings. Only watch sd-movies and some stuff from youtube. PVR is disabled because most of the channels are hd.
Among some raspberry-pi’s with osmc / kodi that old machine still makes a great job. And the design looks much better than a rasp-pi in its plastic box.

At last! I could not wait today to get home and install the update. It is awesome so far. I have found it much snappier than the previous version (using the same RPi 3 but changed the skin to Estuary from Aeon Nox…)

Thank you!


Thank you for the update, I appreciate the effort of everyone.

Congrats Sam & the team on shipping the latest and greatest OSMC, I’ve been using it for the past month and it’s been exactly the right balance of seamlessness and innovation. Anyone looking to see some of the more impressive Krypton improvements should absolutely check out Chorus, the new web interface, which is outstanding.

Push left rather than right to access the submenus. If that is not an Inuitive action, alter the Main menu items action to SetFocus(9001). This way left & OK will both bring up the submenus

omg, what a shit version.
lovely interface but poor code behind
doesnt always keep parameters after reboot
upnp links dont work anymore
and best of the best, NO WARNING BEFORE THE UPDATE… you surely dont work in computer engineering IRL. Or you 'll be fired soon.

ok i can donate money, but for the PREVIOUS version
10€, ok for you to propose an automatic rollback ??

This is a poor attempt at trolling.
There was a warning before updating with a link to the blog provided.

These sound like issues local to your set up. I don’t see many other complaints about this. Post a log so that we can identify your problems or stop whining.

Nothing prevents you downloading the old version from the website.

Pro-tip: A good troll is one where people are certain you aren’t a) a troll or b) actually retarded.


I will take SD card and DB backups before updating, but is there any benefit from doing a clean install vs an update? I always prefer clean installs of operating systems (cough: Windows) over upgrades, but is there a benefit here?

There is no benefit here.