Kodi Krypton for OSMC is now available


The Skin engine has quite heavily changed but actually gives more options than before.
You actually can put items into the Menu to make that happen.


That is OK, this is just a String that wasn’t updated. You are on the latest version especially if OSMC is shown as 2017.02-1


Which Skin did you use before? Also OSMC skin?


I wished i haven’t updated. it really feels more slower and slugish.
everytime i start an video the screen turns of. wait 5/6 seconds and then the video starts.
Same happens when i press stop. Blue annoying screen, wait for it. 5 sec. Back to menu.
It seems like video output starts and stops between switching from interface to the video.
My tv turns blue and shows hdmi @ 1080p everytime i start and stop. I never had this before on the previous version.
The only time this “normally” happens is when i turn on the tv for the first time.You see hdmi 1 or 2.
It really looks like the hdmi is turned on and off. Realle annoying.
This is all on my rasp3. I’m going to my other tv with an rbp2 to see if it is the same with this unit.

EDIT: update, i have just looked around in the settings and found out that my problem with the tv hdmi switching is solvable in settings/player --> videos --> Playback --> Adjust display refresh rate --> off. now it stays at same refresh rate (60hz) instead off 24hz i cant really see any difference in quality.


Same problem on my PI2 and PI3 after updating this morning, yuk.


The submenus I took a long time setting up no longer appear (although they still appear in ‘Customise Home Menu’ in settings)

I don’t really like the picture backgrounds - I liked OSMC because of the plain simple menu system. Now it seems the design is being imposed on me, rather than keeping in the background.


I also would like the ability to revert the theme/UI to the previous OSMC design. It was much cleaner and simple, which is the reason I chose OSMC in the first place. I very much dislike the horizontal scrolling of titles on DLNA/UPNP sources. It is cumbersome and doesn’t allow you to see a large list of titles in one screen.


Has something change with regards to wiring the 3 pin ir sensor to the gpis header? Mine no longer works with this update.


Awesome! Been excited about this update for a while now, and the new theme looks great! The main menu was reset initially, leaving just “Settings” on the home screen. No skin was selected under appearance at this time, likely as confluence was my old default but was removed. While OSMC crashed (with the sad face) during the first attempt at building the menu, the next attempt was successful and everything now works perfectly!

Haven’t noticed any of the sluggishness mentioned earlier in this thread. I would even dare to claim it is smoother and much snappier now than before. Also, it seems to use much less cpu and ram than before the upgrade.

While I’m a very happy user, I’m adding some details on my setup here in case hit helps anyone with troubleshooting.

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Controlled over HDMI-CEC/AnyNet+ via Samsung UE40J5515 (firmware v1480) - nothing connected over USB.
  • Databases local but media over CIFS/SMB (via fstab, mount flags: credentials=XX,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm,noperm,x-systemd.automount,noauto)
  • No PVR/TV addons or services active


Push ‘left’ instead of ‘right’ to get to your submenus. You can also map the main menu to accept ‘ok’ as a left push


Why can’t I just show them on the right when the main menu item is highlighted? Pressing left is unintuitive and not discoverable.

Also the first character is cut off from the submenus now. (Of course I can alter the zoom or ratio somehow, but I shouldn’t have to - there is a reason why UI should not hug the side of a screen on TV)



Finally, Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Change the main menu item action to setfocus(9001). That lets an OK bring up the submenus. I had the same concern on early betas, but guests who have picked up the controller have had no issues. Pressing left is not intuitive. Pressing OK is good enough for me.


On one of the older tvs I had to change the overscan setting firm 16:9 to full. 3 other tvs needed no such alteration.


I think it was the default OSMC skin. Is the old one still available?

Also, The video is jerky now, and wasn’t under the previous version.

I was perfectly happy with the old version while using as a set-top box (apart from no ability to delete stuff after watching it. As delivered if I’d tried OSMC today for the first time rather than when I did (a few months ago) I would have deleted it off my Pi3 pretty quickly and gone with some other option. The menu navigation is less intuitive, there’s a 3 second blank screen when loading recorded video, and same when stopping, and the jerky video.

Just let me downgrade to 16 again so I can be happy.


Try if this helps, go to Settings -> Player -> Videos -> Adjust display refresh rate -> off


That helped. Still black screen but for no where near as long. But video playback of HD is now so jerky, it’s unwatchable. When you fast forward an HD recording at 8x, you can see the counter incrementing, but the video doesn’t update anymore.


I’ve changed to “Amber” skin which is a lot less frustrating, UI wise. But HD video playback is still jerky, which is a deal-breaker. Is v17 harder on CPU cycles than v16?


If you require support, please create an appropriately titled thread in the appropriate sub-forum here. The Kodi release news thread is not intended for providing debug and support.


When will a disk image be available for the new Krypton based OSMC?