Kodi Krypton improvements

Last Sunday, we released Kodi Krypton for all OSMC devices. The update has been well received, but we wanted to resolve a couple of potential issues that may have affected users.

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They sound like good changes. Let’s give this a go

For info, a persistent problem I had with OSMC on ATV1 during audio playback of files from a remote share over wi-fi is completely eliminated by Krypton. Previously I would get intermittent breaks or pauses in the playback as though the data was not being recieved by OSMC - after Krypton this is totally eliminated. Just letting you know in case this is useful…

I updated both my Raspberry Pis, everything went smoothly and I really like the new skin.

Thans Sam!

Thank you for the great work but why 2 releases for Vero2 ?
Which one is the right one ?

Thank you.


Hello, nobody know?

Which is the right one, and why these 2 “same” files ?

Thank you.

Update : ok it is for VERO 4K

From today it’s disponible this:

Scaricamento di:1 http://apt.osmc.tv/ jessie/main armv7-network-osmc armhf 1.6.6 [3.990 B]
Recuperati 3.990 B in 0s (8.252 B/s)
(Lettura del database... 25035 file e directory attualmente installati.)
Preparativi per estrarre .../armv7-network-osmc_1.6.6_armhf.deb...
Estrazione di armv7-network-osmc (1.6.6) su (1.6.5)...
Configurazione di armv7-network-osmc (1.6.6)...

It’s somethings changed on OSMC network ? Need to check or some news feature as been fixed (for example better caching) ? :slight_smile: