Kodi music menu - upnp

Hi all,

Running retrosmc without any issues on raspberry-Pi3; Kodi @ 17.6, osmc
Everything configured and working with cec/ps3 controller. Been wondering about this for awhile and have done a fair amount of searching without a solution.

I added a upnp host In the Kodi music menu without a problem and am able to navigate tracks and play them. I then ran a manual update.

My question is: should the music content now be visible in the main music menu instead of the default message? i.e. after adding local movies and updating the movie library db, (from a directly attached usb drive) I am able to see them in the movie menu. Clearly the only difference here is upnp vs a locally attached drive.

Appreciate the thoughts and big thanks for this superb software :slightly_smiling_face:
Peace, noolidge.

Any reason to use UPNP instead of NFS or SMB?

If your music is tagged respectively and you have added it to the library with the right content it should show up. Maybe debug logs helps to see whats going on.

thank you for your input fzinken.

re: upnp - the device in question is connected to a router making it accessible for other purposes/users.

re: tagging - yes, this certainly needs to be looking at in greater detail. i will have a look at the logs and report back if I cannot find a solution elsewhere.

peace, noolidge.

And the router doesn’t support Samba?

re: SMB router - I believe SMBv1 was supported and a firmware update was being made available to v2 or 3, need to revisit that. Assume you’re an advocate of SMB over UPNP?

I am no advocate at all. It’s just that fact that UPNP has given people some grief before.

Understood :slight_smile: This also does bring my Pi and its config into consideration as I’m using all 4 USB ports currently (keys, mouse, usb controller for those odd times that sixad dies and a large local usb drive for roms and media excluding music)… perhaps time to reconsider the approach and/or see whether v2/3 firmware available for the router and attempt it at least. appreciate your thoughts - has given me things to think about. lol :wink:

If you need more USB ports, you could always get a USB hub. A powered hub would be the best bet.

If you’re going powered usb hub, i’d go with this:

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Agreed I recently bought this and its the sexiest and most well build usb hub I have seen in a long time

re: usb hub - thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: actually I do have a usb hub that I used with my rpi2; just a matter of finding it and plugging it in again. also need to find a purpose for the old rpi2.

also let me say that this forum is the best, most interactive I’ve been a part of. big ups.

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Ah, I did wonder what Pi-hole was as I’d seen threads about it.
Interesting and thanks. I was also thinking of updating my VPN decisions decisions :smile:

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No need to decide! :wink: Enjoy

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ha! very good! cheers.