Kodi music search network attached storage?

I have scanned all my albums into libary in code from a network attached storage (Smb). But when I want to use search function to find a particular music number in kodi, it does not work - There are no search results despite libary containing music with the artist / number I’m looking for … - Is there anything wrong with the search function when it comes to a network attached storage?

Thanks in advance


Haven’t heard of this issue before. Some logs may give some clues

what log do you need and where to find them on device

I’m looking for this example of “kim” but nothing happens? I have an artist named kim larsen in libary?

Does Larsen return anything? The initial search term of ‘kim’ may be too small.

It does not help to search for “Kim Larsen” I have just tried … - Do you have a clue what it may be? - Seems I experience one problem after another with Vero4k

  1. First, keyboard does not work in Danish - (you say you come up with a solution - when)?

  2. Search function does not work in kodi on network drives?

It should have been tested before launching the product?!

Mvh Rene

We need to see a log of that if the search function isn’t working.
I believe content needs to be added to the library for the search to work.

There’s already some information about changing keyboard layout here: [BUG REPORT] Danish Hardware Keyboard layout not working - #79 by grahamh. We will add support for doing this within Kodi soon. Some changes are needed to Kodi to add this support; so it is taking a little longer than expected.


It works for me, when I search for ‘Kim’ I get this result

This is a Library from the NAS that is mounted via SMB (fstab based). I can try it with just Kodi share mount but I assume results are similar. So are you sure that everything is clean imported in the library?
How does it look if you go to Music → Artists?

Ok, looking at your screenshot I think I found what is your problem. As you can see I was using OSMC skin and there it works as expected when you choose “Search”. In Estuary Skin (which you seems to use) it seems that if you are in the Main Music section (not e.g. in Artists) than the Search function is actually a not a filter against the current displayed list.
I suggest you either change back to OSMC skin or if you like Estuary better either go to Artists section and use search there or install the global search addon and use the Global Search from Main screen.

I have scanned the directory to libary in kodi but search still does not work? - You said I should scan the directory to libary but I already have … - What log should you see and where can I find it on the device?

Mvh Rene

I’ve tried under an artist earlier where the search function does not work either. - I’m running a backup on my Nas when I’m done, I try to change the skin and see if it helps the problem …

You can upload logs via MyOSMC (after enabling debug under Settings -> Systems). But read my posts above I don’t think we need logs as it merely is a Kodi UI issue.

I try to change my skin later and return with results :slight_smile:

And as far as Danish keyboard is concerned, there are solutions to the forum, but these solutions do not work - I call for a permanent solution that works … you can also read in the threads that are around at the keyboard that the solutions in the threads do not always work, not just me.!

We are already working on that. It will probably be ready for the next update

After I changed the skin as you said work - Thank you! :slight_smile: - Just think osmc skin is so ugly but must live with it like this: P

Tell us how we can improve it and we can make it better.

Well I guess that is in the eye of the beholder as there are many people (including myself) who prefer it over Estuary and there are many people who actually asked how to install the skin on Kodi not running on running on OSMC.