Kodi MySQL database 3rd Party Use

Is it advisable (or even possible) to use the MySQL database in OSMC for other applications? I was thinking about taking my Home Assistant database external and thought that my V4K might be able to handle the load.


That should be fine. I have a separate music library from Kodi in a MySQL database on my Vero. No problems at all.

Is it worth pointing out that OSMC/Kodi does not actually have a MySQL database in it? Kodi actually uses SQLite for its database and they built in the option to connect to an external MySQL database for people who wanted to run a multi-user setup. A Home Assistant MySQL would actually be independent unless your purposely set out to change that.

OSMC uses MariaDB I think (at least if you install the MySQL app from the app store). At least I think that’s what showed up when I tried to connect to it using the Workbench.

Yes you can add it, but my point was that unless you purposely change your configuration in Kodi then you could do whatever you wanted with a MySQL database and it wouldn’t affect anything with Kodi. Your OP sounded like you were under the impression that a stock kodi was using MySQL which it does not.

Yes, that is correct. As I stated, I use the Kodi MySQL database (I may not have made that clear) and another database with no problems hosted on my Vero. The only possible problem I could see if the new database did a huge amount of writes to the database constantly.

Hmm. It will probably do a pretty decent amount of writes. I haven’t tried this out yet, I’m just researching options.

Just for clarity, my intention was to log in to the MariaDB and create a new database. It would still be using the same server, but a different database from the Kodi platform. Does that make sense?

Yes, I understood that and it makes sense. The reason that I mentioned lots of writes is that it will create an extra load on the eMMC.

CPU load wise, I don’t see this as a problem.