Kodi Netflix don't work on PI Zero W

I’ve created a new Kodi Device based on PI Zero W, following same procedure i did twice with PI 2 and PI 3B+ that works great.
When i try to install the Widevine plugin requested to watch Netflix i got “Widewine CDM is unfortunately not available on this system architecture”
So, i read a lot of articles about it, someone declares that the processor is not fast enough and the installation is blocked for this reason (uhmmm…) but i also read the Kodi V18 don’t need anymore Widevine. Well i can’t find precise instructions to configure the right plugins in the proper way.

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance


The Pi Zero is armv6l. This is not supported as Widevine libraries are not available for this architecture

This is what i got from the web but i’m looking for an alternative that’s working on PI Zero W…

It’s not possible to use Netflix via Kodi on Pi Zero.