Kodi Operating system

I have tried both OSMC and Openelec for some time now, on Raspberry PI 2 with dissapointing results!

Despite recent updates, both OS caused these symptoms, which are not present on my Android based Chinese box, and Orange PI plus.

Audio gets distored, at random, as if wrong codec. Corrected by re boot

Airmouse sluggish in operation

Occasional freezes and auto boot!

Is this to blame the external SD card?

blame yourself your back after a year with your chinese shit and complain there is no point in helping you this time around either cause your not gonna listen.

fork up logs How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

prove me wrong!!

In a more calm tone.

Your most recent posts show that you were having issues with the Raspberry Pi, but not the ‘Orange Pi’. Unfortunately we couldn’t identify any issue then without logs. This hasn’t changed. We’d still need logs to work out what’s going on.

As you will see from the forum your symptoms seem localised. I would check your power supply and SD card are up to scratch