Kodi + OSMC Rasp Pi B+ MySQL Not Syncing

My current set up is a Kodi 15.0 with MySQL database running and I had raspbmc on my Raspberry Pi 1 B+. Also I was using the advancesettings.xml on my pi, then it decided to stop booting up (It went corrupt).

So I rebuilt it with OSMC loaded in the advancesettings.xml, turned on wait on network, set it to a static IP (wired) and it is not syncing TV shows and movies.


Is it conflicting with any other settings?

OSMC is still on Kodi 14.x so it will NOT synch with V15 databases, Isengard (V15) is coming to OSMC soon.

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Well that explains it, Thank you for your swift response!

For future reference: