Kodi + Plex Add on Update

I just wanted to ask the smarter people on here if it’s safe to update Kodi on my Vero 4k +.

I run Kodi with the Plex Add on for all my media from my Plex Media Server. Back in September there was an update to Kodi that essentially bricked the Plex Add on resulting in none of your media being found. One of the Legends on here had a fix the next day so thanks again for that.

I’m just checking in to see if it’s safe to update Kodi now. I don’t want to have the same thing happen again. I don’t see anything on here about it recently but I thought I’d double check.

Thanks guys.

I have not found any issue. If you check you should also find that your add-on auto upgraded to 0.3.5 because Plex finally updated their add-on. This new version also works on Kodi v20 on my PC so hopefully it will be smooth sailing on the next OSMC update as well.

Thanks for the info.

Also thanks for saving me and others last Sept!

Your welcome, but you give me too much credit. I just ran across it in testing and posted about it to the OSMC devs and one of them replied that maybe it was related to a pull request on the add-ons github that another person had found the issue and posted a fix. I just acted as a bridge to the people who actually know what their doing and the average user while Plex was dragging their feet. :smile_cat: