[Kodi Plugin] connman WiFi Manager

I’m writing a simple plugin as my first python project, this plugin will give a simple GUI from Kodi to scan, connect and enter passwords. I’m going to upload it to github when it’s done, and I’m currently in the #osmc channel on freenode anyone would like to beta test. I’m testing this on the Raspberry Pi 2, but should work on other systems with connmanctl.

If this is the wrong spot for this please move.

Also the reason for this post is that I’m wondering if this is wanted among the OSMC community.

Seems like a duplication of the Networking module from the OSMC settings addon.

Have a look.

Thanks, I’ve found it. Saves me the trouble of finishing this script :slight_smile:

Mods can delete this thread if possible, thanks!

Not so fast.

Have a look at the current work and see if you might be able to collaborate with the author.

I know connman has given us a certain amount of grief.

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Hey man :slight_smile:

Did you ever make this plugin ? I would really like to test it ?

Not sure if you read the whole thread. Basic outcome was that what he wanted to do was already available as part of MyOSMC and therefore he stopped the development