Kodi reload after try to wake up my NAS

Hello everyone !

Here, I have a concern for a few days between my Raspberry 3 with Kodi 16 and my Synology NAS version DSM 6.0.1-7393 Update 1.
Indeed when I want to access a file from my Raspberry, I am entitled to the message saying he is trying to wake up the NAS even if it is already and I let him do it indefinitely ultimately failed. Also if I did “Cancel” on this message another appears and immediately after, Kodi bug and made a sort of reload I think. After 2 or 3 times, I ended up access my file but it is tedious …

I can not identify what is problematic because in two days I made an update to the NAS, an update of Kodi and I change my internet box … anyone have ever had of similar returns to help me know what to treat?

Thank you in advance !

[EDIT] I reinstall kodi with version of may and it’s works. Thanks

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see http://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request/ for advice on how to help us.