Kodi remote iOS apps hard crash UHD playback

When using a Kodi remote app on iOS I have found that 3 out of 4 apps I have tried are hard crashing UHD mkv (remuxes) playback when either seeking or skipping forward/backward. Hard crash with the sad face icon and then a full reboot.

The apps that crash the Vero are Kodi Remote (v1.5.7 iOS), Smart Kodi Remote (v.1.3.1 iOS) and 10Muse (v.3.31 iOS). The only app that does not seem to hard crash the Vero is Sybu for Kodi (v.3.40 iOS)

These apps do NOT crash any other Kodi fork on any other hardware (Shield, PC, Zidoo).

I am running Vero 4k+ on OSMC May 2019 2019.05-2 with no other add-ons at all.


10Muse Kodi remote timeline seek back.


Kodi Remote (v1.5.7 iOS) same action.


Smart Kodi Remote (v.1.3.1 iOS) same action


All of these were done after a reboot and absolutely nothing else was performed.

The UHD movie was started and using the timeline seek bar, moved backwards and when the bar was released the Vero crashed and rebooted.

Any news if these issues can be fixed? The June update did NOT fix the remote apps.