Kodi sad face after update

After the Update today (10th Dezember 2023) ingot an Update Error Message and after that the vero crashed and i only get a “blue” screen with sad Smiley.

How can i fix this Problem?

Many Thanks


I moved your post to a new thread as we don’t know if it has any relation to where you posted. Would you be able to access your device from the terminal and run “grab-logs -A” and let us know the url that is returned. Without logs it would be hard to determine what is wrong and be able to provide an alternative to a clean install.

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Alternatively you can reinstall OSMC from Download - OSMC if you don’t mind start fresh.


Today i will try to get this log file you need. For me its no option to start fresh.

This is the log file i got with the command grab-logs -A


Hopefully you can help me to fix the problem cause i have only a backup from Kodi settings not from the osmc settings (remote change, ftp-server, etc.)

It looks like a update failed. Does running the following fix it up.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Thats absolutely right the error came during the Update process.
I will try this tomorrow and hopefully it works.

Many thanks

This error occurred due to high uptime’s reboot and you should be able to update just fine now


Now my Kodi starts again and it seems everything is working fine. But at the first start i got the error that the “new” update (i forgot to write down the number) wasn´t installed correctly.
But when i look the entries in the System Menue i can find this information.

free space: 1575MB
IP-Adress: x.x.x.x
Resolution: 1920x1080…
OS: Open Source Media Center 2023.12-1 (Kernel: Linux 4.9.269-41-osmc)

I thought the Linux 4.9.269-41-osmc is the newest OS. Do i understand correctly that the update was installed successfully

I assume so since it is working. You ran into a known issue and performed the known fix. If you have any doubt you can just run that same command at the terminal again. If it isn’t coming back with any errors or asking permission to install anything else then your all good. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So only one more question.
But I currently have the latest version of Kodi(OSMC) installed, right? Why should I try the update via Terminal again?

You don’t need to, but if you wanted to just for peace of mind. That command does the same thing as running the check for updates in the My OSMC add-on, just with you being able to see the output.

But if I have the latest update installed why should I try it again. Otherwise I don’t need an update because nothing new would be installed if I installed the latest version, right?

Correct. I assume you are up to date. If you run that command it most likely change absolutely nothing, as likely you are fully up to date with all packages and all errors were resolved the first time around. I was merely suggesting that if you wanted a belt and suspenders, without a doubt, I’m going to look at the ugly stuff so I can have no doubt in my mind assurance… you could optionally take a look. That was all, nothing more.

Ok thanks for these different options.

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