Kodi Shared MySQL Library and NFS shares

Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running OSMC RC, which works great. However, I am now also trying to setup a second Pi (original Pi1 B) with OSMC RC.

I want to have a shared library for both, which I read about on Kodi Wiki, but I’m a bit confused about network storage.

All of my media is currently on a Banana Pi running Bananian. It shares via NFS to my RPi2, which is all working great, and according to the Kodi Wiki is the right thing for a shared library.

However, I’m not sure if the way I have set it up will work:

Currently, I have set the NFS share from the BPi, to auto mount on boot on the RPi2 (as /mnt/bananapi). I have then added /mnt/bananapi/films; /mnt/bananapi/tv; /mnt/bananapi/music; to my Kodi library.

Will this work? Or, should I have not bothered mounting them, and just adding them to Kodi library through by paths (i.e. nfs://

What is important here is that the location of the sources is identical for both Kodi devices. So yeah, it’s easier just adding through Kodi library but, if you just make the mount location identical on the new pi setup, should be no problem.

Thanks for that! Ok, that makes sense, I can mount the NFS share in the same location on the Pi1, so will just do that rather than modifying media sources.