Kodi SMB Client issues - interesting find

I’ve been fighting this nagging issue where my SMB shares work sometimes, then they just stop working. When they stop working and I try to go access my shares I just get an ‘error invalid argument’ box. Sometimes restarting the SMB process on Freenas would fix it, but as soon as I reboot the Vero4K+ box it’ll give this same error again.

I’ve been testing this, looking at that, checking logs, nothing has lead me anywhere… I finally decided to just run a packet capture to hopefully get something. What I found is when the Vero box is in this limbo mode, it never sends any requests to the Freenas system. Absolutely zero packets.

I then for grins decided to check the ‘wait for network’ box and viola, it’s working perfectly now.

So is this expected or is this a bug? I’m not using the fstab method (and have no plans to). I’m new to OSMC, but I’ve never had this issue on Libreelec or Openelec.

This is a situation where a log would help us know what’s going on.

Would be glad to get that… Know which log I should get?