Kodi v17 Aeon Nox: where is the addon manager?

Hi all…
in the previous version it was accessible thru the system menu.
As I have some troubles with some addons I wanted to remove and update somme but I can’t find where the manager is. :confused:

How about asking on the Kodi/Aeon Nox Forum?

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Because I forgot there was one.

i just switch back to Aeon Nox to look and it does seem to be gone, i would just create a submenu of system and put it in there.
Go to system
Click interface
Go to skin and click Configure Skin
Go to Home Window and click Setup the Aeon Nox main menu
Scroll down to system click manage submenu
Click add then click Change Action
Click Settings then click Add-ons
Change label to what ever you want and you have Add-ons back

Here there’s an easier way.

yes with what i just told you, that will be the outcome. the Add-ons will be in the submenu…