Kodi v18 release build: playback stuck on last few frames of previous played recording

I upgraded my Vero4k+ yesterday to test these builds before official release. I was previously running the gmc-19 builds without any problems.

I also noticed a kernel bump when i upgraded (from vero364-image-3.14.29- 140 -osmc:arm64 to vero364-image-3.14.29- 142 -osmc:arm64)

I watched some livetv and recordings last night without any problems. However, this morning I tried to play both livetv and recordings and the Video was frozen on the last few frames of the last recording we watched last night; although the Audio was playing correctly.

I was able to hit stop to return to the gui, but whenever I tried to play anything it just showed those same last few frames from previous recording last night.

Here are the logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/cedecekoda

I rebooted and this cleared the problem. I also took some screenshots should you need them.

I noticed the same thing (with the same resolution) while I was running the nightlies. It only happened once from what I can remember, and I didn’t have debug logging on to capture the issue, so I just figured it was the cost of being way out on the edge and moved on. So this was really just a log way of saying you aren’t crazy, I’ve seen the same thing too. '-)

I also have noticed this problem with PVR recordings. Mostly 1080i MPEG2 files. Video will be in slow motion while the audio plays fine. Problem is intermittent and a reboot will fix the problem temporary.

Using NextPVR addon.

Interestingly I also use NextPVR. If the original poster is also using NextPVR that might point towards a problem there rather than with OSMC. Or maybe something odd with NextPVR on OSMC at least.

I thought about a NextPVR issue so I updated my Windows box to the latest version of NextPVR
software. The addon has not been updated recently so it’s really hard to say. I never noticed any issues with the gmc-18 nighties but i stopped once they switched to 19. I’ll see what happens and report back. I’ll try and get some logs also.

Negative…I use Tvheadend

Does this only happen with transport streams?

For me its happened once so far and that was indeed a transport stream recording from tvheadend.

Its not occurred again for me as yet. Debug log was attached to my first post, and will attach further logs if i manage to capture it again.

Both mine (it happened again yesterday) happened when watching LiveTV, and I’m pretty sure that’s a transport stream with the NextPVR PVR addon. It happens so infrequently I haven’t been able to catch it in a debug log yet. What’s interesting is that simply exiting Kodi and letting OSMC start Kodi back up doesn’t help. I have to completely reboot the Vero 4K+ to clear it.

I noticed the same