Kodi v19 matrix Amazon VOD does not work

I’ve installed the update and dist-upgrade with apt-get on my vero 4k+. The Amazon Addon Sandmann79 for matrix doesn’t work.

Release Plugin Repository v1.0.4 · Sandmann79/xbmc · GitHub

It says the dependency on xbmc.python in version could not be resolved and Mechanical soup says, the addon isn#t compatible with this Kodi version.

Can someone help me or should I wait for an update?

Netflix on the other hand works with these instructions, where I replaced python with python3 or pip3:

I had this problem. I was able to get rid of it by going through all the add on dependencies and uninstalling everything that was tagged as Orphaned.

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Thanks for the reply.
I thought I had uninstalled everything relevant.
I will go through it again tomorrow.

You probably knew what I meant, but just in case: you get into the relevant list via Settings / System / Add-ons / Manage dependencies. Then go through the whole list and uninstall anything that says it’s orphaned.

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Under Settings / System / Addons / I have no item with Manage dependencies and I can not find a list of addons.
(My system is in German, but that should make no difference…)

Now I don’t have time, but tonight I’ll go through the addons. .


Have you got your settings level set to Expert?

“Manage dependencies” should be just below “Show notifications” and above “Running”.

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Under the item “Addon” I have the following, nothing else:


Show notifications
Unknown sources
Official addons update from

Reset above settings to default values

Where can I set “expert”?

I found the setting “expert”. Still looking…

Many, many thanks! :slight_smile:
Videos from Amazon are now running

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