Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC

Team Kodi have now announced the release of Kodi v19, codename Matrix, and we are working hard on bringing this release to OSMC users for supported devices.

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Thanks for the update, Sam! Am I correct in thinking that (at least to begin with) Pi 2 and 3 users who upgrade to v19 will lose MVC 3D playback, or did I just imagine that? And will they lose the ability to force film-mode deinterlacing?

Nice update! Am looking forward to it.
Another big callout for users who are not using the default OSMC skin: many of the Kodi skins are not yet compatible with v19 so research your skin before you update your Vero or Pi.

I happen to love the Aeon MQ skin, and believe I was using 8 or the B&W version (from the Kodi repository), on both the Vero4K and my HTPC.

I updated my HTPC first because I use it less and sure enough after the upgrade to 19 was complete, Kodi prompted a message saying the skin was not yet compatible and was subsequently disabled, and back to the default Estuary(?) skin for Kodi.

So while I’m looking fwd to the improvements on the Vero + OSMC, I’ll likely hold off for a bit to see if my fave skin will follow suit to 19.

Thanks for all the work on the Vero thus far guys!

That’s correct. While the V4L2/GBM spec supports 3D MVC output, this isn’t supported in Kodi or Pi at this time.

You have software based deinterlacing – but that limits your options as well as what content you can use that on. Pi 4 will have better results than say, a Pi 2, because of the improved horsepower. Pi 4 could also play MPEG2 reasonably well – but not VC-1, because ffmpeg’s VC-1 decode is single threaded.

Will OSMC for Rpi support booting from USB?

This is already supported when using the OSMC installer; but you’ll need an SD card for boot files.

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Ultra fast answer. :slight_smile: So it won’t be possible without a micro SD card, like Raspi OS? In the future ?

Sam, back in Nov you mentioned seeking wouldn’t work for RPI. Is this statement still true or now been overtaken by events? (RPI 3B user)

That’s something we could support in the future – on compatible Pi devices of course.
I’d be happy to accept a PR for this. It would require changes to the target installer and initramfs.

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Still work in progress.

I put 19 RC on a spare LE Pi 3, and so much functionality is broken in terms of deinterlacing that I could not even begin to put a K19 Pi 3 into production use. Can’t play native 50i (you get a horrible 25p weave), no option to force deinterlacing method with HW-accelerated playback, no VC1, it’s a joke really. Anyone installing on a Pi 3 would need to have a really good reason to do so.

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Unfortunately at this time, this is a consequence of technical decision from Team Kodi in this regard (moving to V4L2/GBM and deprecating OMX & MMAL). Hopefully we have repeatedly managed expectations with the state that Pi 2/3/4 will be in with our OSMC released based on Kodi v19 Matrix.

Sorry, Buy they nevera avisé about the upgrade and Noe I don’t hace any working add-on.
Thanks You!

What are you talking about?

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We haven’t released anything yet.

I’d suggest starting a new forum post if you have issues.

So does this mean that you’re skipping Kodi Leia for the pi 4?

Not skipping… OSMC has never intended or proposed that they would make leia available for the Pi 4.

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I wonder what the new version for a pi2/3 is good for?
It doesn’t seem to be really usable!

As of today it will bring limited value. But there are always people who want to be on the latest and greatest versions.
There might be certain features/addons that will be only available for v19 but yes for the foreseeable future for Pi2/3 it might be best to not upgrade to v19.


Actually just found one reason for upgrading. If Music is your main usage of the Pi.
For audio and music lovers, there are significant improvements across the board to metadata handling: library improvements, new tags, new displays, improvements to how Kodi handles release dates, album durations, multi-disc sets, and more. There's a new, Matrix-inspired visualisation, there are improvements to display when fetching files from a web server, and several changes to how audio decoder addons can pass information through to the Kodi player.

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