KODI + Web Page

Hi, now i use Kodi with dvb-t usb stick è tvheadend and all works fine. I need to add an icon on Kodi to open a webpage in fullscreen where i put some content that i need to browse by remote control (same i use now for kodi), like Youtube TV.
I try to install chrome addon, but after custom start.sh i see process chrome goes up, but nothing happen on tv. What i can try?

I read some guide to develop an addon for Kodi, but it’s not so easy because i don’t know python and i don’t find any solution to develop addon by use html+js (it would be very great).

Thanks in advance.

Chrome would require a X-Server that is not installed by default.
You can do that based on belows howto but it would actually mean you leave Kodi to open the browser.

I think i have installed X11, but I’ll double check again.