Kodi web server API and CORS


I would like to develop an application to control OSMC using http service but after few tests it appears that the kodi web server does not allow cross domain queries. I was not able to find any configuration file for the web server. Is it even possible ?

My application would not run on OSMC, it is planed to run on others devices like a tablet running Android.

thanks, zgmrvn.

I think you should ask the Kodi forum for that…but what are you trying to do from the other domain ? Did you port forward port 80 towards the pi on your router first ?

i’m just trying to develop an application to control osmc but since CORS is restricted I can’t query osmc from my computer in my home network.

I’m not sure you understand that OSMC is merely the OS underneath the Kodi application that provides all the GUI candy and webserver/control.