Kodi won't stay paused

Kodi won’t stay on pause screen. After 10 seconds, it stops and goes to the file selection screen. Problem is that during “stopped” state, subtitle service won’t download any subtitles and it terminates already started download process.

It happens only when PulseAudio is used as audio output device. Debug logs here http://paste.osmc.tv/lakamesume.

Can you post a debug log (above log does not have debugging on)?

Might be BTPlayer doing this.

Here http://paste.osmc.tv/oqohoxoqep.

It looks like paused video is still playing in very very very slow way. Like 1 frame in 5 seconds.

Looks like PulseaAudio is getting stuck – unfortunately I’m not sure what can be done to resolve this if it’s only occuring with PulseAudio.

bluez-alsa is the future of A2DP for OSMC and that’s probably the best way going forward for now.


Ok. Any roadmap on bluez-alsa? Or is it stable and easy enough for home user to build and install? :slight_smile:

No ETA yet. It needs work on the GUI which is a bit of a blocker for now.
If you are familiar with Linux, then you could give it a go :slight_smile:

I have managed to install bluez-alsa. It is working well using aplay command. When I switch to bluez-alza output device in Kodi, there is no sound and it freezes after few seconds of playback. Could you check my debug logs please?


We’re definitely in uncharted waters here.
You still have PulseAudio on your system. I’d suggest completely purging that.

I have purged pulseaudio package and removed unneeded dependencies, but nothing changed. There is no audio and video freezes in 10 seconds.

Do you have another Bluetooth audio device that you could try pairing with to see if the issue is specific to a single device?

I can try BT headphones. In the meantime, is there a easy way to create file system image? I would like to watch a movie tonight, but that’s not currently possible with bluez-alsa. I have to go back to pulseaudio (factory reset probably) but I don’t want to lose the progress.

You can backup most things via My OSMC

I would like to backup whole system, so I can restore anytime and continue experimenting with bluez-alsa.

@grahamh has a script that helps with this

I have tried different BT device, but nothing has changed. Using aplay evering is working, but Kodi can not play at all. Here is the debug log http://paste.osmc.tv/tavibopode

Was this on a fresh install?


Nope, just different BT device. I have found this in log.

channel count should be 8, we got 2 aborting

Is that ok?

That’s not relevant – related to internal I2S.