Kodi's Brightness and Contrast (Video Settings | Video Stream) have no effect on Vero 4K

Hi all,

I’ve tried using Kodi’s Brightness and Contrast options during playback (Video Settings | Video Stream) on the Vero 4K, but they have no effect.
I’ve tried this on the April and June releases.

The result is the same whether connected to my no-brand (Sainsburys) 1080p 22" TV, or my Acer 1080p 28" monitor - both using Hdmi.

Is this expected? It looks from this thread:
[Change HDMI monitor brightness (aka backlight) from OSMC/Kodi - #11 by sam_nazarko]
as though these controls should work.

@sam_nazarko, could this be in any way related to my (probably now infamous) colourspace issue?

Kodi has no control over amcodec acceleration. One Kodi developer (fritsch) calls it the “black box”.

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IIRC, there are sysfs parameters under /sys/class/video.
We fixed these permissions in the July update.



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Thanks @wesk05 and @sam_nazarko.

I’ll load the July update once things have settled (saw a few gremlins being reported in tge forums yesterday)

Few things in development are more frustrasting than a black box dependency.

The box is very much open and adjusting this is easily doable via SSH. If work is needed to implement this in Kodi we can get it done.

We are only aware of WiFi issues on the new update. This is soon to be resolved


I was referring to @wesk05’s comment about the amcodec being a black box, not the Vero…

I understand. Libamcodec is completely open source.

From the context of Kodi developers it is mysterious however, hence the move to V4L2 in Kodi v19

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If you use amcodec acceleration, isn’t it considered bypass rendering?

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Yep! Check this comment: image quality when zooming and 4k support

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If it avoids ffmpeg then it’s considered a hack. At least that is my interpretation of current Kodi ideology.

But Raspberry Pi and Android (which are large user bases) do not use this pathway.

Vero is no exception.

I’d be interested in FM’s idea of a better device given the user’s requirements. No device that accelerates via ffmpeg (just Intel currently) can do HDR. There are also many limitations of Intel platforms. Most users won’t want to wait until Kodi v19 (which is two years away) for this to work when they can get that functionality now, and have Kodi v19 in an update in two years time as well.

FernetMenta is a good developer and he has long term aspirations re. shaping Kodi. I think he will do a good job, but there may be some short term breakage on the way. To make a cake you must be willing to break some eggs.


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