Krypton - Change 'Info' default keymap on home screen

With current versions of OSMC, the default keymap for the Info button whilst on the home screen is to launch the System Information dialog.

With Krypton, dynamically filled lists now support both the context menu and the info key. That means that if that the keymap is changed so that the Info key actually defaults to the Info action, the Info screen dialog will be displayed for any widgets, rather than the present action of displaying the System Information dialog.

I know I’m not great at describing these things, so please let me know if I can make any aspect of this request clearer :slight_smile:

This is a Kodi specific issue that you should address there. OSMC has no bearing on your problem.

I’m sorry for correcting you, but this is an OSMC issue.

Kodi doesn’t provide any specific key mapping for the Info key on the home screen (beyond the default and universal key mapping of the Info key to the Info action). Both OSMC and LibreElec provide a keymap which specifies the behaviour of the Info button whilst on the home screen to activate the System Information window.

Edit: I’ve had a search of the OSMC git and can’t see any keymap that causes this. I’ve very recently moved from LibreElec to OSMC so its not entirely impossible (though I consider it very unlikely, knowing what I have moved over) that I’ve moved a LibreElec keymap over whilst migrating…

Looks like this will only affect remotes, not keyboards - the offending keymap.xml, such as it is, is located at /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/remote.xml.

Edit - And that file comes straight from Kodi, so this is indeed a Kodi issue. My sincere apologies, and I’ll raise this with the Kodi team. My apologies.

Cheers, enjoy…

I’m currently cloning the Kodi repo (41% done) so - if I get it done before someone else gets to it, having reported it on the Kodi forums - I intend to enjoy actually contributing directly to Kodi as this does seem like a fairly obvious change. And then I intend to also enjoy the exact reason why they reject it :wink: