Krypton + HihiBerry, is it ok?


I have OSMC 16.1 on two raspberry 2, with bluetooth logitech keyboards, HifiBerry DAC+Pro, on mysql shared libraries.

Seeing lot of negative Krypton feedback (slower, crashing etc), does someone have a comparable configuration and can give some feedback ? Does Hifiberry works nice etc ?


Hi Kibo,

I run a RPi2 with Pifi Digi+ (comparable to Hifiberry Digi+). The drivers and sound work without any problem.

Also I cannot confirm the reported issues about speed and stability. The interface responds smoothly on the Pi and Krypton is already very stable since the last RC.

The only drawback is you’ll probably have to use the new skin or completely redo the settings for an added one. Just upgrading will most likely not work for your skin.

Thanks Fretzke,

I don’t use mush addons and the default Confluence skin. Shouldn’t be a problem to get used to Estuary :wink:

Hi KiboOst, I have a Pi3 with HiFiBerry Dac+ and it works fine with Krypton. Takes time to get used to Estuary skin after using Confluence for a long time but it works well.

Hi Andre,
Yes I have updated all my Kodis to Krypton and all works fine. I even put a hifiberry on another one since that :wink: I have also activated estuary skin which is a lot better.